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I woke up yesterday with a brilliant idea. It seemed my personal call in life to set up the blind date of all blind dates: Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones. Only my husband said the idea wasn’t originally mine. Turns out the women of The View thought of it back in May. For the record, my idea was original but Elisabeth Hasselbeck also had it as an original idea. See her reveal it in the interview below.

The media has even made up a name for the meant-to-be-couple: Lobow.

The fact is, Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow might not make a good match. Many would point to Lolo’s nude photos in ESPN’s Body Issue, tantalizing (and sometimes crass) language, and even perhaps her defensive dialogue (but she has been given a bad rap by The New York Times and deserved to defend herself) as evidence that she might not be the through and through good girl she claims to be. These things give ammunition to those who think all Christians are hypocrites (and should also give motivation to us to live really well before them). Did you notice Joy Behar’s sarcastic comments (nothing new) about Lolo’s nude photos in the video above? She whined:

Behar: “This is the ‘good’ Christian girl. I mean…uh…hello!?…If she’s so religious what is she posing naked like that?…I’m just saying, she’s a Christian!”

I don’t know, but these arguable (and sometimes defendable) inconsistencies could be the impetus behind the Huffington Post commentary on Jones entitled Why Virginity Is Not The Gospel penned by Carolyn Custis James. The Gospel changes us through and through and controls every aspect of our lives. It’s not just an invisible chastity belt.

But I think that Lolo’s testimony is much more complex than what we see. Her frailties are a part of her testimony before the world and remind me of Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti chosing to hang up her “angel’s wings” when she grew in her faith and realized that her body was a sacred gift to be reserved for her husband. I love her sweet, soft-spoken testimony in the three minute ABC interview below. It is a picture of repentance in the new millennium.

The fact is: following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is a messy business. We are fallen creatures living in a fallen world seeking to find our way back to the original plan for humanity…and sexuality. We fall down. And we have to get up, lace it up, and walk it out. Lolo is doing that and I find it to be muddy and glorious all at the same time. Maybe we could walk with her instead of throwing stones.

Well, back to my blind date for Tim and Lolo. They might not make a perfect match, but they sure would have a lot to talk about. They’ve both met with the glaring contradiction sitting like an over-sized elephant on the American bandwagon of tolerance. Everything should be tolerated…except perhaps virginity that is motivated out of a Christian faith. It was intolerance of Tim Tebow’s choice to embrace his virginity that made him the target of a one million dollar bounty to prove he wasn’t. It is Lolo’s virginity that caused Mary Carillo of HBO Sports to literally wrinkle her nose in disapproval in an interview. (The video has been removed from public access.)

A true definition of tolerance leaves us saying, “I may disagree with you, but I insist on your right to express your opinion.” That’s tolerance. It tolerates individuals, but allows for and even perhaps demands robust debate about ideas. It is the PRESENCE of disagreement and opinion and choice as humanity seeks original truth TOGETHER.

Sadly, Tebow and Jones live in a modern world with an incoherent definition of tolerance. Today’s tolerence offers us not a debate for opinion in which we respectfully disagree with each other, but rather a mandate that we must define tolerance in such a way that eliminates the right to debate. We must say, “I disagree with your right to express your opinion if it does not give approval to my opinion.” That kind of thinking offers complete intolerance for any individual who does not embrace the circular reasoning of affirming all opinions which in essence erases them all. What we have is intolerance! The public dialogue about Lolo and Tebow’s virginity bring the philosophy of intolerance into light for us to have a practical example of how impractical tolerance really is.

What I’m trying to say that I’m tired of how intolerant all the people are who embrace tolerance.