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Genesis 2:18 says “It is not good for man to be alone.” The Christian world often jumps to the conclusion that it’s not good to be single, but that cannot be true because the Apostle Paul calls singleness a gift. The verse does not say it was not good for man to not have sex or not be married. It says it was not good for him to be alone. A more profound interpretation for both married and single women is that a lack of authentic intimacy in your life and mine is not good. God created us to function in community whether single or married. This is what makes our human sexuality so drastically different from the physical urges and fertile expansion of the rest of the animal world.
The authors of Authentic Human Sexuality describe the deepest of sexual desire in the context of a drive to community:

“Deeply embedded within each one of us is a divine longing for wholeness that sends us reaching beyond ourselves and to God and others. Sexual desire helps us recognize our incompleteness as human beings and causes us to seek the other to find a fuller meaning in life…Authentic sexuality urges us towards a rich sharing of our lives.”

I’m wondering, how do you as a SINGLE WOMAN experience a rich sharing of your life? I need practical examples and ideas and even a testimony of how you have learned to embrace singleness as a gift.

On Saturday February 22, I’ll be randomly selecting ten winners who post their experience to receive an advance readers copy of my April 2 release, Get Lost: A Girls Guide To True Love.