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“This book is not for spiritual monks.”

I guess it’s not for radio talk show hosts either. And that’s a bit of a problem for me. You see, when it comes to the pond of Christian writers and speakers, I’m no big fish. No daily radio show. No mega-church platform. I completely rely on my very faithful friends in the Christian media to help me get my message out when I release a new title. And usually they do. (And for that I’m grateful to them and owe them a debt for a few best-sellers, so I won’t call anyone out!) But not this time. Today, I played another exhausting round of “we absolutely love that book, but it’s just not family friendly enough for our audience!” In the very kindest of ways, I’m being banned by both Christian and secular media who don’t want me to say “the words” on their airwaves, or print them on their pages. Frankly, it’s a little easier to swallow coming from the Christian media, but have you checked out prime time mainstream programming? We can “do” the words, but not provide any moral framework for them on TV! But then…oh, this is a flow of consciousness…shouldn’t the Church be the first to provide moral framework. And oh, how we need some!

I do admit that the book is very up front and that I address all the toughest topics. (Maybe that’s why students at Cedarville University stood in line to get a copy last Tuesday. Those college girls…well, not a one of them was a monk.) If you —like me and those girls at Cedarville—are  not a spiritual monk, I have a great March Madness deal for you that has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with the lowest priced book you’ll buy other than the out-of-print stacks in your local Ollies. (Don’t have an Ollies? Visit this link. It’s worth it just to hear “good stuff cheap.” And that’s what I’ve got for you!)

Spiritual monks spend more time in church getting to know God’s word than out in the world living it. I’ve spent a lot of time in God’s Word, but I’ve also spent the last twelve years of my life out living it. Specifically, I pick up the very broken pieces of marriages marred by sexual pain that was imprinted on women when they were teenagers—years before they met their husbands. Since roughly half of Christian girls go to their marriage beds non-virgins, it’s safe to say that not talking about the real, tough issues hasn’t helped. What we get out of it is an inability to have an intimate emotional and physical relationship, body image issues, depression, anxiety, bodies that don’t function in bed the way God designed them to, and isolating loneliness because we can’t talk about all that aftermath…because then we’d have to talk about what got us into it in the first place. Yep, I’ll say it again: I believe helping today’s college aged girls walk in purity is very family friendly!

I’m going to ask you—if you’re not a spiritual monk and you want to see the Church start to reclaim the moral value of sexual behaviors—to be my platform.  Keep an eye on my personal facebook page because very soon, I’m going to be marking the cost of What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex down to $5. Yep, that’s pretty much my cost plus shipping and handling. And I’m hoping you’ll want to take advantage of it and buy more than one. In fact, buy five for $25. That way you can pass this message of real world language and relevant purity truth on to a college woman or two or three or four that you know need it. The price is only going to be available for five days, and I’m only going to notify people about it through my facebook pages. (Do me a favor and honor those five days. We don’t have deep pockets, and can’t honor this special price before or after the five days.) What are you waiting for you non-monk, you! “Friend” me, and let’s start a non-monk revolution to reclaim the language of sexuality.

Short version of this blog: SALE COMING UP!