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I was driving down the highway listening to the familiar voice of Dr. James Dobson. Suddenly the host asked his guest, “What is the most common question a young girl will ask her mom about sex?” Without delay the woman responded, “Mom, did you wait?”

I pulled my minivan to the side of the highway and allowed ten years of tremendous denial and grief engulf me. I reached for my brand new baby girl in the back seat and held her as I cried. I would not lie to my little girl…

My heart’s desire was, is and always will be to live a lifestyle of purity, but in high school I detoured from that pursuit long enough to get tangled up by lust. Like no other sin, moments of unbridled passion had intertwined my life painfully into another’s.

The evening that I heard Dr. Dobson’s program, it took me three hours to tell my husband in the darkness of my bedroom. Satan had me cornered into a prison of blackmail until the very moment that my lips uttered a long-awaited confession. Oh, how I wish I had done that sooner! Christ’s forgiveness finally verbalized in the midst of my husband’s warm familiar embrace suddenly began to heal the deep tear in my heart.

Within a few weeks, a woman in my church—unaware of my new healing—was asking me to do a purity event for a few teen girls. Since that day, I’ve been using my healing to equip teens to live lives of purity and heal from moments of past impurity. The Lord has expanded my ministry to coaching moms to raise pure, whole daughters! I’m so thankful that you stopped by to be a part of it today. A great first step would be to bring your daughter to one of my live events.

-Dannah Gresh, founder Pure Freedom