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Girl-headphoneDo the lyrics really matter? Months ago, I was appalled by a viral video of a sweet little tween girl sitting in the front seat of a car with her brother driving. Suddenly, Rihanna’s Work—wrought with explicit lyrics that are barely understandable—came onto the radio. This precious little girl jumped into the backseat and starting twerking like a stripper. My heart just broke!

Twerking in the back seat isn’t the only risk of inappropriate music lyrics and role models. A two year study by the American Psychological Association titled “The Sexualization of Girls” clearly linked music lyrics and the marketing associated with the songs to age compression in tweens resulting in eating disorders, body image issues, and depression when they are teens. The lyrics matter!

This is, sadly, a problem for tween girls not just teens. Progression into harmful thinking and behavior manifests into eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image issues before girls even hit their teen years. The progression looks something like this:

The United States ranks the third highest country impacted by eating disorders, with over 10 million victims—or 4 out of 10 girls and women. Something has to be done to stop the victimization of our girls.

While music lyrics aren’t the only cultural influence leading to the expectations of unattainable physical standards, they are one proven contributor. And one that we can do something about.

I don’t believe in boycotting what is bad. Instead, I want to be a mom who is a contributor to what is good. I want to provide the alternative of an entire collection of age appropriate, fun music for tween girls to listen to and I’d like it if the songs were sung by role models I can trust. I’m completely unwilling to compromise on the quality. The music has to be tween-friendly and dance-worthy with lyrics that remind them of their internal value.

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My Secret Keeper Girl live event has been touring the nation for over a decade to teach tween girls and their moms about true beauty and modesty with great results. The number one question we hear after a live event is, “How can I get the music performed here tonight?” Moms love the message in our lyrics and quality of what we select. They’re just begging us to put all this great music into one collection, and I think it’s a worthy cause. 137 backers on Kickstarter successfully helped me make this CD a reality!

All of the songs from our new live event are included plus some bonus tracks! Each song is performed by a Christian role model who I believe can be trusted, and will remind your daughter that she’s a masterpiece created by God and that He (not herself) should be the focus of her value and worth.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.42.44 PMClick here to see the eight Christian music artists we selected to include on the album! You might like some of their other songs for your daughter.

Available on our webstore soon! Available at live events soon!