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We’ve been back from our trip to MI and OH for the Pure Freedom teen events for about a week now and we can’t stop talking about it!

For one thing, the laughter. Put four women in a van late at night and tell them to drive a few hours and hilarity is sure to ensue! We even compiled a “Blonde List” of all of the zany things that our sleep-deprived brains thought were intelligent before they came out of our mouths.

And let’s not forget the awesome volunteers! We were so blessed by so many wonderful people who gave of their time to serve us and help us serve. We literally could not have done these events without their help!

The best part, though, was watching moms and daughters pray together and cry together; their hearts connecting as they vocalized fears, hurts, and sins that had been holding them in bondage. We witnessed such wonderfully freeing moments each night as God drew moms and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, aunts and nieces, mentors and mentees into a time of healing and restoration, and we rejoiced as 33 women gave their lives to Christ for the first time! What a great God we serve!

Check out some pictures from our first tour this season!