Speaking Requests

Hello, and thank you for considering me for your event. I would be honored to help you. I know you have a lot of choices, and I am thrilled that you’d consider me to help you. I’ll do everything I can to make your event memorable and engaging for your audience.

My goal is always to bring a fun, relevant, and healing message of hope to audiences. Dannah Gresh - 7-4-11 - Rob (Fulll Size JPGs)-4And I’m excited about the opportunity to serve you by generating ticket sales to your event. I intend to work hard to do that. When you book me as a keynote speaker, I put the power of my growing social mediums and live Secret Keeper Girl tour behind your event. My Secret Keeper Girl tour will stop in 80-100 cities a year with an estimated 50,000-80,000 moms and tween daughters we can reach to tell them about your event. And my social media is yours leading up to your key registration time with an audience of about 90,990 from all channels (find list of channels at https://studentshare.net/statistics). I want to work with you to increase attendance by telling my followers to follow me to your event!

Below are a few answers to questions my team consistently fields, as well as a speaker request form to get the ball rolling. Hope to see you soon.





If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event, please click here to fill out a form with some general questions that will get your event request into our team’s hands. We’ll get back to you within a week to let you know what the next steps may be. If you have an urgent need, call 814-234-6072 and ask for Eileen King.



What is the minimum attendance Dannah will come speak to?

Last year Dannah logged 78 days away from home to minister to live audiences. She likes her husband (and her menagerie of farm animals) so we have to put some qualifiers in place in order to enable her to spend time at home. One of those is an event conference with an established minimum audience attendance of 500.

Will Dannah do workshops at a large conference?

Yes. Once we have Dannah in your city of choice, let’s squeeze in as much ministry time as possible. If she has been brought in to do a keynote speech or plenary session, she happily adds in as much as she can for your investment within the existing time frame agreed upon. (We usually can’t add days to her calendar, so it’s helpful if these opportunities can be on the same day.) In general, she does not travel to an event solely as a workshop speaker, but there are sometimes exceptions so feel free to inquire.

What speech will Dannah deliver at my event?

Dannah’s sweet topics are biblical womanhood, modesty, purity, raising children to reflect biblical values, the power of prayer, intimacy with God, emotional and sexual healing, and parent-child communication. For keynote/plenary sessions of audiences over 1,000 women, Dannah prefers to teleconference with you to pray and strategize about a fresh, never-delivered-before message for your event; or you may select from some of her most effective presentations. For smaller audiences and workshops, she works from existing content, which she freshens and customizes for your audience. Be sure to inquire about what new topics might be available, but here are some of her most popular presentations:




Get Lost! (For women; great for keynotes at women’s events)

In the hilarious conversational opening to this message, you just might have a Pennsylvania Amish whoopie pie hurled at you! Dannah Gresh - 7-4-11 - Rob (Fulll Size JPGs)-25Dannah opens up the dialogue about women and everything they crave. (Women with PMS will want to sit near the front!) The purpose of it is to scientifically prove that our cravings lie to us. (Never mind that the research comes from Pinterest! It’s credible!) In the end, Dannah poignantly reveals to an audience that our craving for love lies to us, too. While we may think we need a guy (or a better one), or a house (or a bigger one), or a baby (or a quieter one)… what we really need is God. Bring tissues.

(Based on her book Get Lost: A Girl’s Guide to Finding True Love.)


IMG_2855The Secret of The Lord (For women or college audiences; great for keynotes at women’s events)

Dannah’s story of the freedom she ultimately found after years of going through the motions of a dry Christian faith, etched with the loneliness of wearing a mask of perfection as she hid old, long-forgiven sins delivers power to broken believers. Based on one of the Bible’s most difficult to understand verses (Psalm 25:14), this message encourages women to move beyond the masks of simulated perfection to discover true intimacy with God and other believers. The Secret of the Lord takes women to a place where the lonely find intimacy, the distressed find joy, and God’s love revives entire communities. The Secret of The Lord offers stunning results.

(Based on her book The Secret of The Lord.)


Do You Have a Prayer Life or a Prayer Box (For women; great for keynotes at women’s events)

After nearly twenty years of a disciplined, fruitful prayer life, Dannah hit something more than a dry spot and God used a friend to tell her that her prayer life was stuck in a box. She was invited to step out of her “prayer box” (her journal) and step into a prayer life where every moment is a thrilling and breath-taking conversation with God. The message unfolds as a humorous story in which the audience meets Dannah’s intimate circle of praying friends. The expository message on Acts 3:1-10 is a great set up to a conference-wide prayer time where women enter into deep intercession for their families, cities, and the Church.


IMG_3054Lessons from a Thirsty Woman (For women; great for keynotes at women’s events)

Every woman hits a spiritually dry spot in her life, and that’s often why they come to a Christian conference– to be refreshed with the Living Water. No one can teach the skill of drinking it in like the Woman at the Well. During this expository message on John 4:1-29, Dannah will reveal three characteristics of a thirsty woman so the audience will know if they’re dry. Then she’ll reveal the two things a thirsty woman does to drink of the Living Water. Your audience will leave knowing just what their next step should be.


Thy Kingdom Come (For mothers; great for keynotes at mom conferences or as a workshop at women’s events)

“Thy kingdom come.” Do we mean it when we pray it? Dannah Gresh posits the thought that the greatest way we can make his kingdom come to this earth is by living in vibrant families that portray the love of Christ for the Church. She prescribes marriage counseling for three year olds. Following her “state of our girls” and “state of our boys” cultural analysis, she offers two practical ways to bring the kingdom to earth: plant a love for marriage and then protect it. This presentation is fast-moving and contains a lot of visuals and powerful illustrations that motivate parents to be strategic.

(Based on her books Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl, Six Ways To Keep The Good In Your Boy, and What Are You Waiting For.)


IMG_6630 (2)Three Things Our Kids Need To Prepare For the Gender Revolution (For mothers; great for keynotes at mom conferences or as a workshop at women’s events)

Dannah presents a chilling look at what’s happening to gender and sexuality in our culture and uses Christ’s response to a question from the Pharisees to build a case for how we should respond. But she challenges: the conversation about gender is all happening with adults and hardly ever teens and NEVER children in our churches. Are we missing a strategic opportunity by not having theologically sound teaching and resources directed at children and preparing parents to deliver it? Dannah presents three things your child must know before the age of 12 for their faith to survive the gender revolution. Without one mention of the counterfeits of this world, you can prepare your child to be a confident and compassionate carrier of truth concerning gender.

(Based on her books Raising Body Confident Daughters, It’s Great to Be A Girl, and It’s Great to Be A Guy, to be released 2016.)


He’s Thinking WHAT? (For women of all ages; great as an add-on, interactive plenary session, or as a workshop at women’s/teen events)

Did you know that sexually speaking men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots? Maybe that’s why women have such a hard time understanding that modesty matters. In this relevant look at the minds of guys (buckle up), Dannah convinces her audience to reach for a pair of shorts that actually have an inseam. A truly relevant message for every church that will leave you laughing.

(Based on her book Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty.)




Yada! Yada! Yada! (For high school or college audiences; great for chapel messages or large conferences)

How far is too far? Why is porn sin? What’s wrong with homosexuality? Avoiding all the “thou-shalt-not” verses, Dannah follows the trail of one provocative, ancient word throughout the Bible to discover God’s deepest thoughts about sex. Using just the right amount of humor to take the edge off of just how edgy the conversation gets, Dannah uses social science and scripture to convince the audience that God, the designer of sex, knows how it works best. The mind-blowing truth she uncovers clearly points the way to a sexuality that’s satisfying and real and everything God designed it to be. Originally delivered for chapel at her Alma Mater, Cedarville University, a sample video is below.

(Based on her book What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex)



Tolerance For Virginity (For college audiences or women; great for chapel messages or large conferences)

It’s said today’s Christian college students are “sexual atheists.” That is, they believe in Christ and his salvation, but they don’t want the Bible to speak into how they choose to live their sexual lives. What if the way the Bible directs us to live is not only healthier physically and emotionally, but also promises a better sex life in the long run? This engaging and social science-fueled message will bring commitment to a demographic that’s just waiting to be challenged to rise above the apathy. Dannah uses her applauded 9-minute TED Talk, “The Walk of Shame vs The Walk of Fame” as an outline but takes time to reveal all the biblical truth she could not say on that secular stage. One college student who heard this said, “I learned more about sex in that nine minutes than I ever have before.” Imagine what Dannah can do when she adds God’s word to this!