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Pure or Boy Crazy: which direction are you headed?

So you know when someone comes to you and asks you something and says, “I’m asking for a ‘FRIEND’…” Well, today I have a question like that for you. How many of your “girlfriends” are on the boy-crazy train? I’m talking about the kind of college girl who tries guys on like a pair of

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How Friendships Impact Your Quest For Purity

BFFs and frenemies are one of the best…and worst…things about being a teen. What you might not realize is that they’re also possibly one of the highest risks you’ll ever face. Why? Because it may seem like those never-ending text conversations and tweets back and forth are trivial rumblings, but new research reveals that they’re

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Are You Boy Crazy?

Are you boy crazy? Well, take my little test to find out. Have you ever… •Ditched a friend for a guy? •Prayed endlessly that God would make a certain guy notice you? •Changed your relationship status before you knew how he felt for sure?   •Posted a profile picture that had just a touch of

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