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Free Online Purity Curriculum Available Now!

Roughly forty six percent of high school students will engage in sexual intercourse before they graduate.[i] There is almost no difference in the percentage of students inside the church and those outside the church. Shouldn’t there be? This risky behavior is compounded by the fact that starting to have sex early equals a lot of sexual

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Love Feast Day #9: Get Lost In His Sacrifice

Welcome to the Get Lost Online Love Feast designed to help you feast on the love of God for ten days in an effort to overcome the angst of craving a guy! Each day I’ll post worship music to focus your heart, a key Bible verse, and a prayer to pray just prior to a

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The Fistfight for Our Beauty

  Dannah says there is a fistfight going on between God and the Devil over our beauty. I’m sure you’ve felt it before. Maybe your insecurity is your hair; maybe your body type; maybe it’s acne… As girls, we listen to the voices of others; we covet the approval and affirmation of those around us.

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