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#2 Sexual Myth: “Purity Is An Idol”

One of my single, twenty-something team members returned from Christmas break with something of a epiphany having occurred. “I’ve made purity an idol in my life,” she confessed. Memories of multiple blogs inserting this thought into the online Christian conversation ran through my head. Blogger Elizabeth Esther seemed to have started this snowballing conversation rolling. Rachel Held

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#1 Sexual Myth: “It’s Ok If You Lose Your Virginity”

Virginity is under attack. Our culture applauds every sexual choice except virginity. But my concern isn’t the opinion of the world. Though I’ve had opportunity to address the secular ideology of sexuality through mediums such as CNN.com, FoxNews or in my TedTalk, I don’t feel primarily called to change the culture. It’s the Church I’m worried

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