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Day 1 • Getting Lost In His Wisdom (Hearing Him over The Crowd)

Focus your heart in worship by listening to this song:

Gain heart focus by praying Scripture out loud:

Lord, it seems I am prone to the noise of the empty-headed mindless crowd. It’s leaving me empty. Without life. Your word says that when I feast on your words I’ll live. Make me attentive to you today.  I will incline my ears toward you. Let your words fill my heart and bring life and healing to my hungry flesh. Help my eyes to look straight up to you and not be distracted by things that take me away from life-giving wisdom. Help me not to swerve to the left or right, but let me get wisdom and prize it highly. I want to hear you.

Adapted from Ephesians 4:17; Proverbs 4

Static interference.
It’s what happens when you can’t hear the voice you desperately need to hear. You might be experiencing it now without even knowing it.

I am writing this from the Philadelphia Airport. The snow came fast. Four-hundred flights worth of people stuck. Frantic calls commenced. Telling family you won’t be home. Or to win the golden ticket by being among the blessed to have a hotel room to hide within. (Even the lobbies were full of travelers sleeping on hard, cold floors.)

Cell towers were overwhelmed by the many calls and the white out in the sky. I tried desperately, but the calls kept dropping out.  For fifteen seconds at a time, my service would work and then…nothing. I could not get to the one voice I most needed to hear…the one who could actually help me in my circumstances.

As I sit here, the Lord is revealing to me that this is how I live my life daily. In static interference to the Voice I most need to hear. The static is caused by too many voices trying to say things but saying nothing.


The dripping desperation to know I’m noticed by having a post “liked.”

Counting them and hoping they increase in number.

Texts to friends.

The desperate waiting for them to text me back.

The adrenaline rush when the sound on my phone tells me they did.




An occasional real live meeting with a skin-and-bones friend.

These things get in the way. They are my crowd.

Even Jesus stepped away from the crowd so he could hear the One he most needed to hear.

“But the news about Him was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

(Luke 5:15, 16 NIV)

Rejecting the adrenaline rush of approval, he pressed away from the spreading fame. He knew how much static interference the crowd could create. How desperate he was to hear the Father.

Our spirits are hard pressed to hear the Father.

I’m not alone in my weak cell signal to heaven. The Washington Post reported that in 2010 the average 18-year-old young woman was consuming 7.5 hours of daily social media communication! That’s a lot. Considering the depth of the kind of communication we engage in when on social media. (At least, I’m talking about myself here. “Stuck in Philly airport. The good news: won the lottery and got selected for TSA pre-check.” Now that’ll make someone’s day better, huh?) And get this: women are more likely to be double-screening than men! Apparently 60% of us have to be tweeting and snap chatting while we’re watching Hulu or Netflix. The volume of our nearly meaningless social media conversations grow while meaningful time spent in face-to-face communication dwindles. (And might I ask how your daily social media intake stacks up against the daily amount of time you spend feasting on the presence of God?) The static interference of our social media cancels out our ability to hear not only from God, but to grow closer to each other.

Early research on what is called the “Facebook effect” reveals an increase in loneliness and depression. Imagine that. More “friends” than ever before, but we can’t feel the friendship.

Please hear me: I like my Facebook and Twitter. (A little too much, I confess.) They are not inherently evil, but God desperately wants us to get smart about this! To step away from the crowd. Too much of each other is a great distraction from the Father..and ironically, each other. We end up in superficial stumps of friendship.

Proverbs 4 came to my rescue. God used it like an arrow. Pointed to my social media fascination. Called me out from the crowd. “Dannah, get wisdom. Whatever you do today, get MY words. They are life giving. And there is no room for my words when you’re stuck in the noise of the crowd. Come out.”

Jesus did.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” (Mark 1:35 NIV)

I’m getting away from the crowd. I will quiet the static noise. Go to my mountain where I pray. Purdue Mountain with the little house. Ask him to put life back in these bones.

Care to join me?

In some form.

Any way.

To press away from the noise of crowd and find the life giving refreshment that’s in the Father’s voice.

I can’t promise it’ll be easy. The places Jesus went to were “lonely” and “solitary.” Don’t try this if you’re not so committed to hearing the Father’s voice over the crowd’s noise that you can stand a little bit of lonely. It’s too hard.

But oh, to have just a taste of the intimacy that Jesus had with the Father.

Feast with me?

If you’ve read Get Lost, you’ve already experienced the original ten day Love Feast. It’s time to step up to the table once again and feed your spirit. Come away from the crowd.


A Note From Your Love

I long to give you what you want. And it’s rather simple. My words are the pathway to what you deeply desire. But you must be careful not to succumb to the interference of other words. The noise of the crowd. Instead, you must read my words and then walk forward. Don’t look to the left or the right, but look up. Come straight to me, following the trail of my words. In them you will find Wisdom. And that is all you need for the good success and true life you seek. Simple things can distract you. Other words will seem important but only my words give life. Seek them. And it’s this simple: get my words into your head today. They are life.

(Based on Joshua 1: 8-9; Proverbs 4)


Write Your Story

As always, it is not what I write that will bring the Presence of God into full manifestation in your day. It is what you write. Grab your journal and a cup of java before you read each day and then write back to God what’s been uncovered in your heart. You may even write what he says write here in the blog comment section. Just write! I will be praying that he presses the distraction caused by static interference away so you can hear the Voice of Wisdom clearly. 


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